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Translation is well considered as a specialized profession that can contribute as a product or service for marketing beyond any geography. Many businesses use translation as a basis to market products and user-assisted manuals and so on. Translation work is a written job and interpreting this in a spoken language are two different skill-sets. Being just as a bilingual person is not enough to make you an interpreter or as a translator.
To be well trained in both, you need both these training to be done individually. Translation work involves more than just word replacement work. It involves words and placement structure, which no Artificial Intelligent or computers alone cannot do such translation at the moment and is not going to replace human translators for a very long time.
Just knowing your native language alone which includes well structuring of grammar is not enough you need to under the culture and some cases even the people. As a translator, you need to constantly improve your knowledge of the second language that you are working on.
Using existing media prints, music or television and radio at home may help you and the best manner to master a language is to listen and try to imitate and speak a language will help with any written aspects.
You can start slowly and grow your personal vocabulary and increase the library of dictionaries, for example in legal work, business work or in medical filed. Basically, you need to build a vocabulary based on a specific subject and culture. The best way to master any language is to be inquisitive and ask many questions about any subjects in a global manner and keep working with different and current events.
For example, if you are a Medical student, try to focus more on such Medical translation related work services or products. And if you worked in a Medical firm and can gain sufficient knowledge and experience and then you can try to specialize in that field.

For starters, you can use your network, for example in your medical professional, you can join associations like the American Medical Association / American Academy of Dermatology /American Academy of Family Physicians/ American Academy of Neurology/ American Academy of Ophthalmology. Or go to workshops/seminars or classes and if all fails then go to the internet and search for this.
In these fields, Professional codes of ethics are very important and adhering to them is very crucial as professional, you got to be on time and need to dress conventionally.
The nature of translators and interpreters involves cross-cultural communication, converting one language into another, hence you need to be diplomatic and pleasant when dealing with people and cultures. They simply translate spoken words and relay them the concepts and ideas between languages. And for them to be effective, they need to understand the subject entirety in a context which they work in, from the source language into the target language.
To be effective as a Translator, you need to be both fluent and knowledgeable in two languages, one could your native primary language and a secondary language.
Most translators and interpreters are fluent in at least two or multiple languages. Their active or native language is their best language and they interpret or translate into a passive language to one which they have perfect knowledge off.
Even though some people do both translation and interpretation work but if they are not fluent with the cultures they are trying to convert to, they may get interpreted wrongly. Interpreters have to deal with spoken words on-the-fly, but translators deal with written words.
So, you can see, each job requires a different set of attitudes and skills, and most people can do one or the other but not the both at the same time, it requires years of experience and skills.
It may seem that interpreters often work into from both languages, but translators usually work only into their native language.
Interpreters primary task is to convert spoken languages into another but for a sign-language interpreter, it may be different and difficult as it involves not only translating between spoken communication and sign language, but you need to get the essence right.
This requires that an interpreter need to pay careful attention to understand what is being communicated in both languages, and then express these ideas and thoughts clearly across.
So, having an exceptional memory together with analytical skills and mental deftness are very very, important.
Here is a list of the most spoken languages in the world right now;
a) Chinese
b) Spanish
c) English
d) Arabic
e) Hindi
f) Portuguese
g) Bengali
h) Russian
i) French
j) Italian
k) Japanese
l) German
m) Javanese
n) Telugu
o) Marathi
p) Vietnamese
q) Korean
r) Tamil
s) Punjabi
t) Urdu.

French Translation
How much can you earn from interpretation & translation work?
That depends largely on the language, the skill, the subject matter, the experience, the certification, the education, and the type of employers.
The salaries of an interpreter or translator can expect to vary broadly. However, translators and interpreters who master a lesser known language have a greater demand which lesser people can translate. Higher earnings can be expected for specialized expertise.
Basic Interpreters who list in classified adverts as linguistic specialists, for example, can earn around USD60,000 annually in India. The next level is the Higher-level “conference” interpreters who work full-time can earn about than USD75000 annually.
For salaried interpreters and translate, their earnings can fluctuate and all that depends on the suitability and availability of work and they can range from USD 80,000 to USD100,000.
The next level is the “Freelance interpreters and translates” they normally can earn on an hourly-rate basis. But translators who do freelance work can earn on a “per word or per hour” basis.
Based on employment and employability worldwide data from credible sources, these interpreters and translators are projected to increase from 24 percent over the decade stretching from 2006 to 2016.
Basically, this growth potential is partly driven by robust demand in the medical and health-care industries and also in the homeland security areas.
As the Global international ties increase across the nations due to the Internet boom, the number of foreign translators needed is also increasing steadily. These trends are expected to increase exponentially, hence rapid growth is expected in the number of jobs for translators and interpreters.

For example, if I tried to translate “Nyon Condo@12 Amber Road” into French, it translates into  “Condo Nyon @ 12 Amber Road” and this is a new property being launched here.

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